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Character Information
World:Pazzur Online
Balance:0 Gold Coins.
Guild Membership:Rookie of the Da Morte
Last login:14 November 2018, 9:18 pm
Created:24 March 2016, 3:53 am

12 Jan 2018, 02:45 Killed at level 414 by Zunderlast, Laurent, Rulers, Reymaniaco One, Reymaniaco Three, Imperio, Adirael and by Reymaniaco Two.
12 Jan 2018, 02:31 Killed at level 416 by Cliffjumper, Reymaniaco Three, Reymaniaco Two, Muhammad, Sia, Reymaniaco One, Nike Kicker, Reymaniaco Four, Rulers, Zunderlast and by Adirael.
23 Dec 2017, 06:36 Killed at level 417 by Your Envy Feeds Me, Dolul, a lizard chosen, Miss Don Grizzly, Chucho Jr, A'rcana, and by Midnight'shadow.
9 Dec 2016, 06:21 Killed at level 418 by Lobito Menor, Morgan Blood, Empalator, Ana Rn, Mikey'montana, Magus Rohus, Lart Vend and by dragon lord.
18 Oct 2016, 03:03 Died at level 419 by Archdemon and by Chucho'da Pro.
18 Oct 2016, 01:24 Died at level 419 by Archdemon.
29 Sep 2016, 01:06 Killed at level 418 by Kieres Cabeza, El Sucesor and by Jamlegend.
28 Sep 2016, 20:53 Killed at level 418 by Daniiell, Aka Chapito, La Fast Atack, Javier De Los Llanos, Juan Rush and by Funkyxx.
12 Jul 2016, 01:34 Killed at level 376 by Sargento Chilipiquin, Mini Owna, Kieres Monda and by Bam-bam.
11 Jul 2016, 04:37 Killed at level 374 by Braverlk, Mini Owna, Chilli Willy, Games and by Blizzar'blood.

Pits of Inferno
The Annihilator
Urza's Tower
The Temple of Shadows
The Lord of The Elements
Archdemon Hell
Deeper Archdemon Hell
The Elvish Kingdom
Mishra's Library
Account Information
Real name:Imanol Tirado
Location:Rosario Sinaloa
Last login:9 December 2018, 1:31 pm
Created:6 May 2013, 1:01 am
Account Status:Free Account

1. Cessare MaldiniPazzur Online431 ProphetOffline
2. DilatPazzur Online409 WizardOffline
3. Mara's PatriciaPazzur Online341 WizardOffline
4. Teylor RavenzsPazzur Online454 ProphetOffline
5. ZarlookPazzur Online413 GuardianOffline
6. Zwariowany ModePazzur Online413 ChampionOffline

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