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Status: ONLINE
Character Information
World:Pazzur Online
Balance:0 Gold Coins.
Guild Membership:Suicide Squad of the o Slegna o
Last login:10 February 2018, 10:40 pm
Created:1 December 2016, 8:50 am

21 Jan 2018, 18:20 Killed at level 534 by Down To Earth, Strong Gibel, El Ondiado, Rey Uno, a frost dragon, a warlock and by mammoth.
13 Nov 2017, 07:50 Killed at level 535 by Alanis Morrisette, Ann Wilson, William Alzado, Chris Alzado, Rocco Alzado, Soulgato Alzado, El De Monio Gildegar, Chrissie Hynde and by Maykol-scofield.
4 Nov 2017, 04:45 Killed at level 537 by Gozala Perra, Mi Vida Malandra, Jor's, Cometela Perra, Mamalo Perra and by Te Gusto Perra.
21 Oct 2017, 05:53 Killed at level 538 by Kaiuz, Carlay, Aliice, Emmett, Sara Tancredy and by Pichurria.
21 Oct 2017, 05:29 Killed at level 540 by Aliice, Mi Vida Malandra, Te Acuerdas De My, Carlay, Emmett and by Kaiuz.
21 Oct 2017, 05:29 Killed at level 541 by Emmett, Mi Vida Malandra, Carlay, Aliice, Kaiuz and by Te Acuerdas De My.
17 Oct 2017, 07:31 Killed at level 542 by Dj Acres, Carlay, Emmett, Kaiuz, Aliice, Bubasetta, Aerstame and by Stailokman.
27 Sep 2017, 08:11 Killed at level 544 by Thug'pool, Mariguanito, Ann Wilson, Shirley Manson, Alanis Morrisette, Chrissie Hynde, Mi Vida Malandra, Vultury, Pan'uno, Antoniowsj and by Casa Bots Two.
27 Sep 2017, 07:29 Killed at level 545 by Pan'uno, Vultury, Mi Vida Malandra, Cheo Owna, Antoniowsj, Emytanq, Pan'dos, Thug'pool, Ann Wilson, Duraznitoox and by Alanis Morrisette.
27 Sep 2017, 07:26 Killed at level 547 by Pan'cuatro, Pan'uno, Vultury, Pan'dos, Casa Bots, Casa Bots One, Casa Bots Two, Cheo Owna, Dark Dream, Cloroformo and by Casa Bots Thre.

Pits of Inferno
The Annihilator
Urza's Tower
The Temple of Shadows
The Lord of The Elements
Archdemon Hell
Deeper Archdemon Hell
Account Information
Last login:18 February 2018, 11:42 pm
Created:11 April 2015, 6:12 pm
Account Status:Premium Account

1. Corre Que Te AlcansoPazzur Online637 ChampionOffline
2. CuachaPazzur Online60 Elder DruidOffline
3. DimdrielPazzur Online540 ProphetOffline
4. FakkePazzur Online142 Royal PaladinOffline
5. Fast FastPazzur Online697 ProphetOffline
6. Feed MachinePazzur Online533 ProphetOffline
7. ImperioPazzur Online552 ProphetOffline
8. Morgan BloodPazzur Online605 ProphetOffline
9. PichurriaPazzur Online532 ProphetOffline
10. VenttorPazzur Online554 ProphetOffline
11. Yeah DrimerPazzur Online537 ProphetOffline
12. ZestPazzur Online502 WizardOffline
13. ZestterPazzur Online501 ProphetOffline
14. Zesttor'godfirePazzur Online548 Elder DruidOffline
15. ZistorPazzur Online60 Elder DruidOffline
16. ZusttorPazzur Online559 ProphetOffline

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