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PVP with Skull System
EXP by Stages (50x ~ 1x)


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2 Nov 2018 - Double EXP Weekend is ON!

Double EXP Weekend is ON!

Until this Sunday, Nov. 04, all creatures and prey monsters will yield double experience.

Happy hunting!
Pazzur Online Team

6 Apr 2018 - Free VIP Weekend!

Today, all accounts have received 3 days of premium time.

Visit your local Carpetman NPC to travel to any VIP destination!

Have a great weekend,
Pazzur Online Team

16 Mar 2018 - New Game World: Ravnica

Today we have started a new game world:

With this new game world, we have introduced the following updates:

- Re-balanced Vocations, PVP, and War System.
- Updated EXP Stages.
- New quests, events, monsters and areas.

Join us on this new adventure!

See you in game,
Ravnica Online Team

3 Mar 2018 - Free Premium & Double EXP Weekend!

Today all players have received 3 days premium time.
Please visit any Carpetman NPC to travel to a VIP destination.

In addition, Double EXP will be active until Monday (Mar-05).

Happy hunting!
Pazzur Online Team